A Letter from Milly…

By: Danni Eickenhorst, Communications Specialist, Midland

I’m back in Joplin again today, checking on all of our workers who have been working so hard for just shy of a month now at aiding the people of Joplin in their recovery. The destruction is still breath-taking, but rumor has it that bulldozing begins tomorrow.

Preparing for this momentous step in Joplin’s recovery, I’m certain that the roar of that machinery tomorrow will cause a lump in the throats of those who once called this rubble home, and it will likely be the spark of hope.

As I get comfortable in the PIO (Public Information Officer) chair once again, I found this letter which made me smile and I just had to share:

My name is Milly. I live in Iowa. I am sending a box of Teddy bears and other stuffed animals and beanie babies. I’ve collected them over the past years. Some I purchased, others were given to me by friends.

I’ve enjoyed them and some have a personal history for me. But I’ve decided they should go to kids in Joplin who have lost everything. I’m sure they need a friend at this time after having lost so much.

I’m asking the Salvation Army to distribute them. My late husband was a Marine during World War II, and served much of his time on the islands in the south Pacific. In fact, he was a Pearl Harbor survivor.

While he was in the Marines, when possible, The Salvation Army handed out coffee and donuts, and other help. It was always for free. I’ve heard this story many times from John and his buddies….

…But now, I feel it’s time for the teddy bears to find new homes and families who will love them. Hopefully, they will make it a little easier for some kids. Thanks so much for you all you do,


Thank YOU, Milly.

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  • scott egan  On June 14, 2011 at 7:41 pm

    Great story…wonderful that the Salvation Army is still so well remembered from the 1940’s
    and that those feelings still motivate people to donate to help their neighbors…

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