UPDATE: Hope Station a Success!

June 14, 2011

From a Recent HOPE Station News Release/UPDATE:

Joplin, MO – Stephanie Tillman announced today that the Hope Station operated at 26th & Main (the former Salvation Army thrift Store) would be closing. However, the Hope Station will continue to provide services in Joplin once a new location is secured.  The HOPE Station had been operating on the site occupied by the Salvation Army but when word came late last night that the Salvation Army building ravaged by the tornado had been scheduled for demolition, Tillman decided the site would be inappropriate for public activity, especially those involving children and families.  Tillman says, “…. although it is disappointing to have to make this decision, given the imminent dangers associated with building demolition and the recent concerns with the mucormycosis fungus infections that has affected some Joplin tornado victims, I felt I have no other choice”.  

Locating the HOPE Station right in the path of the tornado damage had always been a concern of Tillman’s, but she felt that being centered in the turmoil would serve as a constant reminder and backdrop for the personal stories, tribulations, and triumphs shared by those visiting the HOPE Station. She shared “that if someone can truly find hope while physically surrounded by the view, sounds, taste, and smells of disaster, they will certainly be able to accomplish success in life regardless of circumstances”.

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