Mission in Motion: Corporate Social Responsibility Programs Contribute Volunteers to Joplin Relief

By: Danni Eickenhorst, Communications/Content Specialist, Midland Division

Jamie Lay of San Antonio was born in Joplin and lived there for much of his childhood. His father was a local pastor at a church in town. Jamie and his family now live in San Antonio, where he works for Medtronic, a medical technology firm. When Jamie learned of the recent tragedy in Joplin, he wanted to return home to do good, and thanks to an employee engagement program called “Mission in Motion,” he was able to do so with his employer’s blessing.

Territorial Commander, Commissioner Paul Seiler speaks with volunteer Jamie Lay at the Emergency Disaster Services distribution center in Joplin.

Jamie, his wife and teenage daughter traveled to Joplin from Texas, to donate 4 days of their time contributing to the Joplin relief effort. For every 25 hours of service that Jamie donates, the Medtronic Foundation will award $500 to The Salvation Army. “I have worked for Medtronic for 10 years, and feel totally blessed to work for a place that encourages you to serve,” remarked Lay.

The Medtronic program encourages volunteerism and community service in all of its more than 40,000 employees, and provides annual awards to employees that make a positive impact through their volunteer efforts.

When Jamie and his family decided to travel to Joplin, they heard that non-profit relief agencies were turning away volunteers, but he decided to look into working with The Salvation Army. “They found a place for me as soon as I called, and they have a job for everyone. I don’t know why more people don’t come to give of their time,” he said, “You’ll never regret time spent serving other people. There are plenty of reasons not to come, but just know that you may go home tired, but you’ll also go home blessed.”

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