A Texan with a Big Heart: “Never Know When It Might Happen to You…”

By: William Becker, Communications Director, Midland Division

A Texan with a big heart delivered $10,000 in checks and cash to The Salvation Army Friday afternoon, June 24.

Matt Hilton of McKinney, Texas, saw the damage in Joplin and knew he wanted to help. As an employee of Keller Williams Realty in Texas he heard of a Joplin resident who worked for the same company in Missouri that lost his son in the tornado.


“I wanted to come up here and help find his son,” said Hilton. “I wasn’t able to assist in the search because I was not trained, but I had raised $750 in a couple of days that we gave to The Salvation Army. When I returned home I felt I needed to do more.”


He did just that. A little more than a month after the tornado he returned with $10,000 in checks and cash he collected from individuals and businesses. He also brought three trailers of supplies that included paper products, baby wipes, dog food and other hygiene products with nearly 20 people to volunteer.


“We wanted to make sure what we donated would get to the people impacted by the storm in Joplin,” explained Hilton. “It was a Joplin Relief effort and The Salvation Army keeps those donations local. You never know when this may happen to you. We hope others will pay it forward.”


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