Living Life on Life’s Terms

Douglas Simmons is an entrepreneur. He owns his own business, remodeling homes and performing HVAC work residentially. He lives in his own home, attends church weekly and has an unflappable faith in God. He is well-spoken, clean-cut and has a kind nature about him. It is hard to imagine that nearly two years ago, the former veteran was exiting the correction system, newly sober with nowhere to go.

“When I left prison, I learned about the program at [The Salvation Army’s] Harbor Light and I was determined to get in,” says Simmons, who entered hte program under veteran eligibility.

Through a partnership with the VA, Harbor Light is able to provide up to two years of housing and other services to veterans. At Harbor Light, residents are afforded medical care, job search assistance, and the full support of a sobriety program, among other resources.

Upon entering the program, Simmons look at his time as a precious opportunity. He took advantage of tutoring resources to learn how to read and write at a higher level, so that he could fill out job applications in order to find employment, and he thrived in the structure of the sobriety program and was able to remain sober, after battling addictions much of his life.

“This is the best place that anyone who is trying to live life on life’s terms can come. It’s not just about your addiction. It’s introduction you to God, and teaching you to be a man.”

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