Meet Taisha and Demarco

By: Danni Eickenhorst, Midland Division Content Specialist

Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting Taisha Smith and Demarco Sanders, two people we are helping at our Euclid Worship & Community Center. Taisha and Demarco have been without sustainable employment for more than year. They have each looked for work, but have found that the circumstances of their poverty have only made it more difficult to find jobs. Unreliable transportation and a lack of office attire have contributed to the problems they have faced in finding sustainable work. Once connected with The Salvation Army, they were put in touch with resources intended to remedy their issues and to break the cycle of poverty.

Taisha and Demarco have worked temporary jobs and presently live with family members to keep their head above water, but when they recently had their food stamp benefits cut, they could no longer maintain. Taisha called her mother for advice on how to sustain her family and her mother reminded her that they lived near a Salvation Army.

“I’ve passed The Salvation Army 1,000 times before, but never came inside. We never knew that such good people were inside of this building,” recalls Taisha of her first experiences with The Salvation Army. “When we finally came in, they were able to help us in so many ways.”

Major Janice Love, the corps officer at the Euclid center, was able to connect Taisha and Demarco with financial assistance, fans to keep their home cool during the recent heat wave, and food provisions.

“We would come to this building during the heat wave to keep cool and look for jobs, and in the evening when it was time to come home, Major Love would send us home with a meal to eat,” says Smith.

Each day, Taisha and Demarco come to the corps and utilize the computer system to look for work. Taisha hopes to find work in customer service, while Demarco looks for warehouse work. They pray with the staff and attend church.

As Taisha spoke to me about all the ways in which The Salvation Army has been able to help her family, she noted with a smile that the most important aid rendered had nothing to do with material goods. “We’re so thankful we’ve found the Salvation Army. For once, we have hope. They’re here all the time to help. Most important, if we’re in need of prayer, they take the time out and help. For me, on a spiritual level, [my involvement with] The Salvation Army helped me out a lot. The love they show us has been the most important.”

To support programs such as those at the Euclid community center which enable individuals to break the cycle of poverty, click here to donate online.

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