Letter from a Volunteer

Sheila Davis received this report from a volunteer who recently manned our Angel Tree station. collecting gifts and distributing tags with her daughter. These words touched out heart and we wanted to share. We are so thankful for our volunteers! To review and sign up for volunteer opportunities, click here.

“Lindsey and I have a GREAT time yesterday! We got there around 1:30 – got it opened by security – and waited for a couple who brought some gifts by around 4:15 – then had security close us down.  Overall we had 12 tags taken and 4 gifts returned.  It was a great joy to see my girl understand that those four gifts meant that four children were going to have a present under their tree this year… She danced to try to get peoples attention to take a tag…

When the people showed up with gifts – she looked at me and said “I understand mama – these are going to make children very happy Christmas morning!” 

Sheila – I had to go behind the black curtain to “get more tags” just so I could wipe the tears from my eyes.  It was nice to see her realize at 9 that what she did for a simple 3 hours made a difference in four peoples lives yesterday!  We look very forward to doing this again on the 12/10 from 10-12.  I am not sure if you have her/us assigned for that date/time yet but please do b/c it was very rewarding!  
Looking forward to help with the can food drive at Wehrenberg (I think Lindsey has about 20 of her friends families coming up!) as well as being and “angel” again on the 10th! “

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