A letter from a client…

We received this letter with a donation, and I wanted to share. It is always so wonderful to hear from those who we help, especially those who remember our good works more than 60 years later. – Danni

Dear Salvation Army Personnel,

Back in Kansas City in 1950, Salvation Army helped me and our family. My husband had been in World War 2, as a Marine in Pacific battles. When he was discharged, he signed up as a Marine Reservist. He got called again for active duty because of the Korean War.

We lived in a third floor apartment, and I put my three year old daughter and 18-month old son into The Salvation Army nursery that was close to us. I rode the bus from the West Side of Kansas City to the East Side to work as a typist at Mongomery Ward’s Mail Order House. One day, I put my children in the nursery, but didn’t have the 10 cents for my bus ride. It was Friday, and I would get paid that evening. A Salvation Army worker at the nursery loaned me the 10 cents I needed to go to work.

Then, at Christmas time, The Salvation Army gave us a bushel basket of groceries and a couple of toys. I was very grateful. I gave $1.00 that year into the red kettle of The Salvation Army.

Every year since then, I have given to those kettles. I look forward to giving into them each year. Now my husband has gone to Heaven, and I am 85 years old, but I am glad to give to the Salvation Army whatever i can.

Sincerely in the love of Jesus,

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  • Scott Egan  On December 5, 2011 at 4:44 pm

    very moving and simple tribute to 60″ years of doing the most good”

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