Every time a bell rings…

By: Valerie Murray, Estate Coordinator, Midland Division

Every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings.

That’s the phrase ZuZu says at the end of the movie It’s a Wonderful Life.

Bells are ringing all over right now. Church bells, jingle bells, concerts, and of course, Salvation Army bells. The bell ringers are out in full force. If what ZuZu said is true, many angels have been promoted to Angel 1st Class this season.

However, our bell ringers aren’t out there for the celestial angels. They are ringing for the angels we can see, hear, and touch: They are there for the little children hoping that Santa doesn’t forget them this year. They are there for the mother who needs help feeding her children and the veteran who finds himself without a home. They are there for an elderly man who visits the adult day care center while his son is at work; and don’t forget the camping programs for children who may have no other access to exploring and enjoying the outdoors. They are there for tornado victims, overwhelmed by the destruction around them.

Our angels don’t get wings. What they get is our love, care, understanding, and prayers. They get our promise that we will be there when needed, not just at Christmas, but also all year round.

When you pass a bell ringer this season, give him or her a knowing nod of your head and a smile. You know what they are doing when they wave that bell back and forth. They are helping our angels.

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