New Year, New Fundraising Idea: Video Game Dance-Off

By: Danni Eickenhorst, Midland Division Content Specialist

This year, we’re going to feature fundraiser ideas that you, our wonderful supporters, can organize to support The Salvation Army the whole year through. Today’s idea? (Drumroll, please) The sure-to-be-a-classic VIDEO GAME DANCE OFF!

If you’re the champion of Just Dance 2 in your house; have perfected your “Smooth Criminal” forward lean in The Michael Jackson Experience for Wii; have worn your Dance Dance Revolution floor mats just plain thin, or have mastered the rumba in Zumba for Wii (like this blogger), then maybe your should take your moves public all in the name of do-gooding!

There are several ways you can coordinate a fun video game dance off to raise funds for The Salvation Army:

1 – Dance ‘Til You Drop: Ask participants to get donations for increments of time spent dancing, then let them go to town, dancing until they drop!

2 – Serious Salsa: Get judges – if your event is big enough, get local celebrities – to judge the style of dancers. Songs should be selected randomly, but remember to take the audience into consideration and choose something with appropriate lyrics. Take scores and style into consideration and give bonus points for dressing the part! Charge a participation fee at the door. Crown a champion, or hand out donated prizes!

3 – You Asked For It!: Have teachers at your local school, or news anchors in town, or other local people of note agree to participate in a dance-off in front of an audience in exchange for paid admission at the door – or a minimum amount fundraised.

If you, your family, company or organization decide to take on this idea as your new year project, let us know and we’ll do our best to help you plan and promote! We’ll even come out to take pictures!

Thanks to all of our supporters for being so active all year ’round!

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