The best meal of the day… and a brilliant fundraiser!

By: Danni Eickenhorst, Midland Division

As part of our series on unique and fun fundraiser ideas that supporters can take on to support The Salvation Army all year ’round, we turn to the best meal of the day… breakfast!

Hosting a breakfast event to benefit The Salvation Army can be extremely simple to coordinate and fun for all who attend. Some proven and profitable ideas for breakfast fundraisers are listed below:

  • Ice Cream for Breakfast: Partner with a local ice cream shop or host the event in your church’s fellowship  hall. Offer DIY ice cream sundaes for breakfast with a variety of breakfast-themed toppings! Maple syrup ice cream with crispy bacon on top, waffle cones made with real waffles! Have a photo booth set up where people can take pictures with their ice cream creations and hand out prizes for most creative concoctions.
  • Breakfast with __________: This perennial theme is popular for a reason – it’s highly attended and those who attend often make it an annual tradition. Serve up breakfast fare of choice with Santa, the Easter bunny, or the whole crew from Sesame Street! Reach out to your local costume store for character options. You can also use this as an opportunity for breakfast with a local celebrity or the mayor. Sell tickets, take pictures and have fun while sharing the work of The Salvation Army.
  • Envelope Breakfast: Find a local chain restaurant with a busy breakfast seating and get their permission to set out envelopes that say, “Please support the work of The Salvation Army in Missouri and Southern Illinois by donating generously during this Envelope Breakfast.” Waitresses or managers can check the envelope after each seating and deliver donations at the end of the shift. This can be done for one meal or all day, depending on the wishes of the restaurant.
  • Breakfast with the CEO: Auction off a breakfast with your company’s CEO to employees, vendors and the general public. You can go as simple as an internal memo, and as big as a press release, depending on how well known your CEO may be. Social media is an easy promotion vehicle as well! The only out-of-pocket cost for this event is breakfast!

If you, your family, business or organization decide to plan one of these events, email Danni Eickenhorst at and The Salvation Army will be happy to promote your event. Thank you for your support!

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