New Year, New Fundraisers: Continuous Giving

By: Danni Eickenhorst, Midland Division Content Specialist

Are you looking to support The Salvation Army’s work throughout the year with little out-of-pocket expense and even less administrative work? Here are a few ideas for low-effort/high-donation continuous fundraisers:

  • The Green Method: Set up recycling boxes for ink cartridges, cans, cell phones and more. Turn them into a recycling outfit that pays cash. You’ll need to check sites monthly to ensure boxes don’t overflow.
  • Crowdrise: Set up an online fundraiser through Pages can be set up in minutes and can be sleek and simple, or fun, vibrant and viral. Explain why you want to support The Salvation Army, maybe post one of our YouTube videos. Promote it on your personal social media page and watch the donations come in!
  • Ongoing Potluck: Designate one day per week or month at your office as “Salvation Army Potluck Day.” Encourage a rotating group of employees to bring in one category of dish (such as entrée or vegetable) each month while you provide the sides and dessert for a donation to The Salvation Army. Contact us and we’ll be happy to send out a Salvation Army representative to attend and share stories of our work in The St. Louis area!
  • Tithing: Ask your church to put out envelopes in the pews once per month for donations to the work of The Salvation Army.
  • Party Night: Everyone has a few friends that sell Partylite, Tupperware and the like. Offer to host one party a month or per quarter for each of them on the condition that 50% of the proceeds be donated to The Salvation Army.
  • Dress Down Day: Let your employees dress down the first Wednesday of every month in exchange for a $5 donation to The Salvation Army.

If you, your family, school or organization choose to take on any of these on-going fundraisers, let us know so that we can help you promote them!

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