Using Your Gifts to Give Back


Volunteers assemble a basketball hoop outside the O'Fallon homeless shelter.

By: Danni Eickenhorst, Midland Division

The Salvation Army is doing BIG thing in the St. Louis area and we need your help! From providing shelter to the homeless, to tutoring children in after-school programs that keep them in school and off the streets, we work hard to continue DOING THE MOST GOOD every day, but because we work so diligently to use our resources wisely, we are dependent on the time and money donations of our volunteers and donors to carry out our mission.

Here are some ways we can put you to work in 2012:

  • Do you have a gift for teaching or tutoring? Our shelters and corps community centers are always looking for tutors.
  • Can you paint or draw? Come brighten up our youth spaces with your pictures!
  • Are your gifts in the area of manual labor? We can use your talents in repairing facilities and maintaining our grounds.
  • Are you a foodie who finds cooking therapeutic? We can put you to work in one of our kitchens – and our clients will be glad to enjoy your gourmet fare!
  • Is fitness your passion? Our Gateway community center is looking for ongoing volunteers to host aerobics classes, or to teach sporting leagues.
  • Are you professionally successful in your field and want to share your story with teens considering their career options?
  • Are you an accountant? We can pair you with senior citizens to assist with taxes.
  • Do you sing or play an instrument? We have several corps in need of musicians to play at worship services. We always need musicians

In short – whatever your gift may be, we can put you to work doing good in the St. Louis area – and we welcome your partnership. Reach out and let us put you to work doing good today!

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