Real Life Hero Spotlight: Angie Hartley, Missional Connections Advocate

Angie Hartley, today’s Real Life Hero, serves as the Missional Connections Advocate at The Salvation Army’s Temple Community Center in South St. Louis City, a job this six-generation Salvationist feels that she was born for.

“I have the perfect job. Every day, when people come to Temple [Community Center], I make sure they know that they’re welcome. I visit them in their homes, pray with them at the hospital, and work to make sure that if they have needs, we are connecting them with the resources and programs we have available to help them. I never want someone to feel that they’ve been overlooked or forgotten,” said Angie Hartley, Missional Connections Advocate at the Temple Worship and Community Center in St. Louis.

The more than full time position requires Angie to work 6 to 7 days a week, caring for area clients and church members, a job that she is uniquely equipped to handle. Working daily with a very diverse population, many of whom are immigrants, Hartley communicates with clients and church members in English, Spanish and American Sign Language.

In addition to her many diverse responsibilities, Hartley long oversaw Temple’s backpack program, which allowed The Salvation Army to provide food for 16 local families who struggled to be able to feed their children outside of school meals. The program was recently discontinued due to lack of funding, but still remains a cause she is passionate about, and was one of her favorite projects.

“I’m getting paid to be me. I love to reach out and tell people about the love of Jesus,” says Hartley, “The Salvation Army got its start with people who felt the same way. In 1865, William Booth saw people were shunned, people who needed to be reach. He said, ‘We have to meet their needs – soup, soap and salvation,’ and that’s what we’re still doing today. They won’t hear the love of God in what we say if their stomach is growling.”

To learn more about how you can dig in and help in your community, visit The Salvation Army’s volunteer page to sign up for volunteer opportunities. For more information on the programs at The Salvation Army’s Temple Community Center, visit their site for schedules, updates and location information.

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  • segan093scott egan  On February 27, 2012 at 5:04 pm

    Angie is a great selection for this spotlight…I don’t think I’ve ever visited Temple Corps without seeing her smiling face, and, come to think of it, I’ve never seen her anywhere that the love of Christ wasn’t shining from her…she really IS a hero to a lot of people

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