Taking a Challenge: Spending less than $2 daily for food

Starting today and for five
consecutive days, I have taken a personal oath to live at an extreme poverty level by living on less than $2 a day for food– this is on my own accord. The rationale: to get a closer glimpse into the lives of those in our community who live at a poverty level. What I am asking from you is to pray for me during this journey and for those in our community facing poverty.

A key impetus for my undertaking is the report released this week called “Perceptions of Poverty: The Salvation Army’s Report to America,” For this upcoming five-day stretch, I’ll still be in fund-raising mode of course and I will journal my experiences. Please know there are other wonderful causes that have similar ongoing awareness projects- I am doing this in light of the Salvation Army’s report on perceptions of poverty. Here is part of the report (quoted verbatim in italics):

Surveying just over 1,000 individuals, the results revealed that while the public is sympathetic to the poverty crisis, it at times misunderstands the reasons why so many live in poverty.

These study’s findings are boggling:

The report found that 38% of Americans reported they have received assistance of some sort from charity. And while an overwhelming majority of Americans believe people living in poverty deserve a helping hand, another 27% believes that laziness is a root cause of poverty and 59% believe that “poverty is a trap some Americans can’t escape no matter how hard they try.”

In addition to these misconceptions about poverty, many Americans are unsure of what they can do to help others and demonstrate a lack of confidence that their help or any other type of aid will actually make a difference in someone’s life.

Again please pray for me next week, for our fellow citizens who are in need and for donors that can make a difference with thoughtful donations or volunteerism to The Salvation Army.

God bless you,

Tom Kovach
Major Gifts Director
The Salvation Army Midland Division
Direct Dial:  314-646-3019

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