Give a Night, Get a Night

Special Room Package at Moonrise Hotel for Garbage Bag Gala

By: Elizabeth Koch, Midland Divison

Booking a room at the Moonrise Hotel for the night of Garbage Bag Gala on July 27 not only provides guests with a place to crash after the event, but also a donation to The Salvation Army’s shelter program thanks to the Give a Night, Get a Night promotion.

To continue the theme of raising awareness about homelessness, The Moonrise Hotel, the venue for Garbage Bag Gala, will donate the equivalent of what a one-night stay in a Salvation Army shelter would cost to The Salvation Army Shelter program. This rounds out to $53, or about a quarter of the overall cost of a one-night stay at The Moonrise.

“Give a Night, Get a Night” only applies on the day of Garbage Bag Gala, July 27, and capacity is limited, so hotel guests are encouraged to make reservations as quickly as possible.

The luxury boutique Moonrise Hotel is unlike any other hotel in St. Louis, with a modern one-of-a-kind design. Guests have much to see and explore at the Moonrise Hotel including a color-changing wall and staircase in the main lobby that lead to the lunar-themed artistic displays at Eclipse Restaurant. Guests also can travel up to the eighth floor to the Rooftop Terrace Bar and enjoy the breathtaking view of The Delmar Loop under the world’s largest man-made moon.

To do your part and raise awareness about homelessness in St. Louis, purchase a ticket for Garbage Bag Gala on July 27 and reserve a room for that evening at the Moonrise Hotel before it’s too late.

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