Wolffs Leave Behind Legacy to Help Others

Photo courtesy of WUSTL Images

By: Elizabeth Koch, Midland Division

Following the passing of Alan A. Wolff in 1989, his wife Edith L. Wolff had to make many changes. Besides taking on their business, Wolff Construction Company, Edith also adopted a new attitude that got her noticed throughout the city of St. Louis.

Edith felt that if she demonstrated giving back to the community and helped others, people would follow by example and live their lives in the same way that she did. This philanthropic way of life made is what she became known for throughout the area. Although Edith passed away in 2008, her inspirational attitude lives on through the thousands of people and organizations she helped, including The Salvation Army.

Edith and her husband Alan were involved with about two dozen charitable organizations, spreading their support to each and every one. They acted as a voice for St. Louis-area children in need, and made helping children their passion.

The Wolffs always will be remembered by The Salvation Army, as their generous contributions to the organization have left an unforgettable impact in the programs and services The Salvation Army provides. The Wolffs left a planned gift to The Salvation Army of more than $2 million. This general endowment helps The Salvation Army continue to do the most good in St. Louis, and assists many children, along with thousands of adults, every day.

Other local health and education organizations also reaped benefits from the Wolffs’ lifelong passion of helping others. St. Louis Children’s Hospital, Washington University and the LifeSkills Foundation also were fortunate enough to receive a portion of the roughly $70 million estate.

Although Edith and Alan are no longer with us, their lives are still cherished and will continue to touch those in need through their kindhearted contributions.

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