New Canteens Bring Hope

Serving more than 200,000 meals, drinks, and snacks each year, The Salvation Army’s canteens are a beacon of hope to those affected by severe storms, tornados, and other disasters.

The hope of these canteens came from a different sort of beacon this week as Beacon Roofing Supply, Inc. donated $100,000 to help replace canteens in St. Louis, Cape Girardeau, and Joplin. The United Way of Greater St. Louis also donated $50,000 towards the replacement of these canteens.

Representatives from Joplin, The Salvation Army, United Way, and Beacon Roofing attended a dedication service at the Midland Division Headquarters on January 28th to celebrate the new canteens. St. Louis Fire Department Chief Dennis Jenkerson, Advisory Board Chairman Mark Abels, and Divisional Commander Major Lonneal Richardson were also on-hand to highlight the work of the canteens.

Responding to more than 90,000 calls every year, the St. Louis Fire Department is always grateful to see a canteen at a disaster site.

“They’re a big part of the emergency response community in this area,” Jenkerson said. “You think of EMS, firefighters, and police; you have to include The Salvation Army in that.”

The canteens aren’t just utilized during times of disaster, though. Regularly used to provide meals, water, and clothing to St. Louis’ homeless community, the canteens are and will now continue to be a vital part of The Salvation Army’s mission of Doing the Most Good.


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