An Easter Surprise

This post is written by Major Brenda Herivel is the Divisional Secretary for Program and oversees the ministerial aspects of The Salvation Army in Missouri and Southern Illinois.

I love surprises! Be it a flower from my husband, an unexpected lunch date with a friend, or even a cancelled meeting that frees up my afternoon, I welcome these unexpected times with my arms wide open. And of course, a story comes to mind.

A family was riding home from church one Easter Sunday.  The parents were wondering if their 4 year old daughter understood the story of Easter after being in her first Easter Sunday School Class.  Dad and Mom carefully questioned her as to what she had learned that day.

She said, “God sent his son Jesus at Christmas, and then Jesus grew up.  He taught people about God.  Then they killed him.”

Her parents gave each other that wide-eyed sideways look across the front seat of their car.  “Oh no,” they thought.

But then, out of the backseat came their girl’s sweet voice with “Surprise!” “Jesus rose up and beat death.  Now he lives in heaven, and we’ll get to live there with him!”

That is the truth of Easter from the mouth of a little girl. “SURPRISE!”  It is my hope that you fully understand the joy of the Jesus surprise this Easter.

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