An Earth Day view

This post is written by Dana Biermann, Digital Marketing and Communication Manager at the Divisional Headquarters for the Midland Division. She likes social media, and giving people huge hugs. Also, SPRINGTIME!

We have so much to be thankful for when it comes to our world.

We have been given a GORGEOUS earth filled with fantastic things for our amusement and appreciation. Just here in St. Louis we have some of the most wonderful green spaces and sites filled with beauty for our enjoyment. I remember driving through St. Louis as a young adult from Ohio and crossing over the mighty Mississippi in awe of the most massive river I have ever seen in person. I’d keep my face pressed to the window just looking at how huge that thing is. And when I moved here, I wanted to high-five the city of St. Louis for making a space such as Forest Park a priority and ensuring free activities within it, and the county for protecting parks for our quality of life.

Then again, I come from a place of privilege. I can leave the comfort of my home and break out of there to tap into these options. No, I’m not wealthy… I’m barely middle class. I live in an apartment with my new husband and have student loan debts and car payments, but we get by. And we can utilize these spaces when we know we can’t spend much for the rest of the week. And that’s just fine by us.

But enjoying the outdoors comes quickly into perspective when you work with people who call the outdoors the place where they sleep. It no longer is a place of retreat, it’s a place of survival; finding food out of the garbage from festivals, or trying to find an overpass under which you can sleep.

The Salvation Army wants everyone to get to a place where we can enjoy the good stuff, including faith. I’m paraphrasing, but our founder William Booth said that no one ever found God when they had a toothache–and the same goes for a roof over our heads, food in our bellies, feeling loved in our whole being and knowing that we are valued.

But we cannot get everyone to this place without you. More needs to be done to get the outdoors to be a place of refuge instead of a place of last resort.


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