Keep praying

Ashley Kuenstler, Content Specialist at the Midland Division Headquarters, was inspired to write this after a Corps Officer showed her some of the prayer requests they were getting. We get so many, and we pray for all of you.


Mary Poff copy

People turn to The Salvation Army every day to answer their prayers. When they wonder how they will put food on their family’s table, overcome substance abuse, clothe their children, or afford the medication they need to survive, we are there to answer those prayers.

But sometimes, prayers cannot be answered tangibly. They request the repair of broken hearts, help overcoming illness, and guidance on how to handle life’s cruelest curveballs.

The Salvation Army receives hundreds of such prayer requests each week. Some of them are more light-hearted, like these two we received in one of our Illinois Worship and Community Centers:

“Please help me like my little sister even though she is really annoying.”

“I could really use some help passing my ACT.”

Other prayer requests from all over break our heart:

“I am a Hurricane Katrina survivor living in St. Louis. My son is 39-years-old and an epileptic. I cannot find him here in St. Louis. Please, God, help me find him.”

“Please pray for the unborn child of Chris and Christine. Doctors are afraid that the baby will not survive.”

The Salvation Army is a church first and foremost. We know shelter, food, and monetary assistance are important, but we also realize that a listening ear and friend are imperative in the road to spiritual healing.

Each of 23 Worship and Community Centers in the Midland Division accept prayer requests at any time and offer church services every Sunday. If you need someone to pray with you or simply listen to what’s weighing on your heart, we encourage you to utilize this aspect of The Salvation Army. The locations of each of our Worship and Community Centers can be found on our website,

Others in the St. Louis region are praying for reconciliation between family members; a mother-in-law, Margaret, who has lung cancer; Joanne, who is dealing with depression; for her daughter, Brianna, to grow into a woman of God; for school grades to improve; and help finding a job.

What’s weighing heavily on your heart? Who can we pray for in your life?

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