…for everything else, there’s MasterCard.


Major Paul Ferguson at our O’Fallon Corps Community Center and shelter knows what’s important.

He became an officer in The Salvation Army because he saw the need that so many people face when it comes to food, clothing, shelter, feeling lost in their faith, or just needing someone to care. But when you’re tending to the needs of so many others, sometimes it’s not possible to tend to the very needs that your home and workplace requires.

“We have limited staff hours and we’re focusing on meeting the needs of the people who walk through our door,” Major Ferguson said. “So when we see the bushes overgrown or broken picnic tables or paint chipping, we don’t have the manpower to do it.”

Enter MasterCard.

With a small army of over 65 volunteers, MasterCard’s LFI division in O’Fallon, Missouri, came out to sort cans, paint, trim bushes and make repairs that have long been needed at this site. This was part of a MasterCard-wide day of service to local organizations that needed volunteers, and The Salvation Army was thrilled to be the recipient of these services for the second time in the past few years.

“Because of their hard work and dedication, they are literally saving us tens of thousands of dollars,” Major Ferguson said. “These repairs give our clients dignity knowing that their space is well taken care of before they go on to the next steps in their lives.”

So here we go with our imitation of MasterCard’s famous marketing campaign:

Paint: $350

Mulch: $650

Chainsaws: $1,000

Taking a day to change the lives of hundreds of people by improving the place where they come to find hope: PRICELESS.

Thank you, MasterCard! To learn about other volunteer opportunities (especially to ring bells… Christmas is coming!) head on over here. We would love to have you help come change lives.

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