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Sharing Your Food Makes Good *Sense


Major Kris Wood of Maplewood Corps Worship and Community Center with two Sense Corp employees delivering food

When Maplewood based Sense Corp had an employee picnic, they had a lot of leftovers. And those leftovers turned into smiles and full bellies when they delivered eggs, bacon, bread, pork and salad to The Salvation Army’s Maplewood Corps Worship and Community Center.

“We’re so grateful for the generosity of Sense Corp,” said Tom Kovach, Director of Corporate Relations at The Salvation Army. “There is a constant need for food and other resources, and this is a perfect example of how businesses can instantly help take care of their communities.”

For more information on how companies can give back, check out opportunities here. 

Corporate Sponsorships: Choosing to “Do the Most Good”

By: Andreea Cojocariu, @andreeac_t, Guest Blogger

Let’s take a break from discussing marketing strategy to discuss corporate sponsorships. I think it’s important for companies and their employees to be active in the community. But before I go any further, let me say this. You should want to be involved because you sincerely care about a cause or an organization, not because you have to. It’s important to care about your community, because your community supports you by shopping or utilizing your services. So by supporting your community in return, you’re helping yourself. It’s a nice little cycle. Now that I’ve said, let’s get down to business.

There are many reasons besides caring to get involved.

Builds brand awareness. The more you sponsor, the more your logo gets put in front of your ideal consumers, the more they’ll remember you. It plants a seed so whenever they need your service, they might just look you up and give you a call.

Builds your network. As professionals, networking is gold. You never know when you’re going to meet someone that will impact your business. Whether it’s now or down the road, it pays to be social. Although the people you meet may not be your consumers right away, they may know others who might and they’ll talk about you– good ol’ grassroots marketing.

Team Building. Sponsoring and participating in a nonprofit event builds your team. By working together to help another organization, you’re taking the focus off the grind of sales and increasing the bottom line. It shows your employees that care about other things besides making money, although that’s important too. It tells them you have heart and you in turn care about them as people. That’s a good feeling for an employee. Sponsorships and volunteer activities keeps talent. I know that I work best with companies who give back. On a side note, I’m usually the one organizing these things. Seeing my team work together and people smiling while doing something good for others makes it worth my efforts.

I’m not going to spend a lot of time discussing tax deductions. Yes, Uncle Sam will cut you a break if you choose to help a nonprofit. But that should not be the sole reason you decide to sponsor an event or make a monetary donation. Again, I’m going to tell you that you should choose to help because you care.

I care. I am big advocate for community involvement on all levels. I encourage my employers to get involved, and I personally am involved. In the past, I’ve worked with the Madison County Child Advocacy Center in Illinois, helping them raise money so they can stay open to help child abuse victims. I help promote their events, especially their annual trivia night and silent auction held in February. Helping an organization who helps abused children heal stay open to provide those services is something I’ll continue doing.

And now my focus is on helping the Salvation Army of St. Louis. They need help. I choose to help them because they help others on a massive scale. I say that we can save the world by smiling– one smile at a time, one good deed at a time. That’s unrealistic, but the idea is doing something simple to help others. The Salvation Army of St. Louis’ motto is doing the most good. That is precisely what they do (while smiling of course). They were in Joplin this week during the 1 year anniversary of the tornado that destroyed this town. But let me say this. The tornado destroyed buildings. It did not destroy the human spirit of love and kindness. The Salvation Army showed Joplin how much their neighbors care. It was because of partnerships and corporate giving that allowed the Salvation Army to do the most good in Joplin.

Now it’s time to help the Salvation Army of St. Louis again. The issue is homelessness. St. Louis homelessness is increasing yearly at alarming rates. More and more families are on the streets than ever before. It’s time to do something about it. It’s time to raise awareness and funds so the Salvation Army can do for the homeless what they did for Joplin.

The Garbage Bag Gala is July 27th at the Moonrise Hotel . Attendees will have a fabulous night. For $45, they get to eat, socialize, and watch a fashion show. Models will be showcasing the latest in garbage bag and duct tape designs. I, along with about 30 others I think, will be modeling these trend setting styles. Tickets for the Garbage Bag Gala are on sale.

As much fun as it will be, the Salvation Army of St. Louis still needs corporate sponsors. This is an easy and fun way to get involved and do the most good. All it requires is for your company to write a check. And honestly, the check amount isn’t that much when you think about how many lives, how many homeless people in St. Louis, the Salvation Army will help.

Here is how your company can help and do the most good.

$5,000.00 sponsor: Company logo to be featured on invitation, event signage, promotional flyers, website and social media. Letter from sponsor company in the gift bag (page – to be provided by sponsor). Company name will be listed in press releases, submitted to all media outlets. Company will be recognized from the podium at the awards ceremony. Opportunity to display multiple company banners at the event. Social media recognition. Opportunity to provide a give-away to all participants. First right of negotiation for GBG 2013.

$1,750.00 sponsor: Company logo to be featured on event signage, promotional flyers, website and social media. Company will be recognized form the podium at the awards ceremony. Opportunity to display a banner at the event. First right of regusal for GBG 2013. Social media recognition.

$500.00 sponsor: Strategic social media push before and during the event to showcase the partnership. Logo to be featured on website and eblast.

This is easy. It’s writing a check. What’s not easy is living on the streets of St. Louis, not having shelter when another devastating storm hits the area, not having food for your family. That’s the hard part. We’re lucky that we all we need to do is write a check and attend a gala. Do the most good today and talk to your company executives and become a sponsor for the Garbage Bag Gala.

If you are interested, you can reach out to me on Twitter @andreeac_t. But I’d prefer you reach out to the Salvation Army @salarmystl. I sincerely thank you in advance for choosing to help the Salvation Army of St. Louis raise awareness and funds for the fight against homelessness in St. Louis.

To read more about Andreea, visit her blog.

A cup of cold water in Jesus’ name


By: Tom Kovach, Major Gifts Director

And whoever gives to one of these little ones even a cup of cold water because he is a disciple, truly, I say to you, he shall not lose his reward.  Matthew 10:42

Energizer employees help build a playground at The Salvation Army's Temple Community Center.

The sounds of laughter and the look of raw emotions on faces is filling the rooms inside a Salvation Army Education and Community Center as children and adults rejoice in the Lord’s blessing and the fellowship of each other. Smiles abound for some, tears of sadness or even joy for others or the journey to a new beginning starts today.   Stories are shared.  Prayers are abundant and many turn to The Salvation Army for hope.  These God-filled activities are repeated daily at our centers from South County to North City, Midtown to Overland and Maplewood to South City.

The Salvation Army takes tremendous pride in serving clients because we stress the importance of our fiduciary role.  Eighty two cents of each dollar contributed is spent for programs and services. The cornerstone of The Salvation Army includes a quality staff ready to serve the needs of these clients yet our demands our growing.  Much like a play or a movie, there are numerous, important supporting roles that play a vital role to helping change lives.

And that’s why you and your colleagues inside your company can help.  Our promise to you is simple: you will make a difference. 

No matter where you work or live, between your commutes from one destination to another, we are looking for volunteers from companies in St. Louis at any of our Salvation Army Community Centers.  I encourage you to get involved as an individual, your family or gather up a group of volunteers from your company.   Donating your time can be range from serving Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners to the following:

  • Have numerous office supplies like pens, pencils, notepads, markers etc?  Donate them to The Salvation Army.  Our Temple and Euclid Corps have existing partnerships with the St. Louis Public Schools for instance.
  • At our Family Haven shelter, there are 20 rooms where women and children rest comfortably as they seek permanent housing. These clients stay in a room for several months. We are consistently looking for laundry detergent and cleaning supplies.
  • Clients come to us when they are seeking some form of counseling.  At times, these counseling sessions are designated for a parent(s) and because they can’t afford childcare, we are looking for volunteers to watch their children for an hour or so.  (All mandatory background checks are required for childcare). 
  • Instead of receiving gifts for a birthday or a special occasion, request monetary contributions be directed to The Salvation Army or ask friends/family to buy certain items. Each of our centers has a “Wish List” that we can provide for you.

    Ameren employees donated more than 400 hours in 2011 to bellring for The Salvation Army.

Help us help others!  Consider “Doing The Most Good” in 2012 and start the New Year off right with a thoughtful donation and volunteer.

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