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Story of Personal Benefits from Planned Giving Program

By: Elizabeth Koch, Midland Division

After receiving a bone marrow transplant to fight cancer, suffering from severe heart failure and surviving a pulmonary embolism, Mark Hanneke knows just how short life is. But he is sure about one thing – he’s happy with the life he leads. One facet of this includes participating in The Salvation Army’s Planned Giving program.

Hanneke participates in the Planned Giving program because he wants to help The Salvation Army during his lifetime, as opposed to including The Salvation Army in his will or living trust.

A benefit of Planned Giving Hanneke utilizes is the ability to alter the amount of donation at any time. Another advantage to the Planned Giving program is that, as a lifetime income, the payout is much higher than both long-term and short-term CD rates.

Besides those benefits he also decided contribute to The Salvation Army because he thinks it is one of the best charities in the nation that not only helps those in need but also assists them to gain success and independence.

It was important to Hanneke to give while he was able to, and he feels fortunate for himself that he is in a position to help people. He ultimately wants to share that feeling with others.

“By doing the Charitable Gift Annuity, you’ve made that lifelong commitment at that time, and it’s definitely going towards The Salvation Army, and it can definitely help them all throughout your remaining lifetime­ – which is a wonderful feeling knowing that you’re helping people,” says Hanneke.

Hanneke also sees Planned Giving as a way to better the world as a member of the Baby Boom era. He recalls many discussions about 40 to 45 years ago revolving around making a difference in society, and feels he is doing his part through donating to The Salvation Army. He challenges other baby boomers fortunate enough to do the same.

“Here’s your opportunity in your lifetime now, in your age group now, if you are fortunate enough to help that you can make a difference and it’s a great way to make a difference and make changes in the world,” explains Hanneke.

I Once Was Lost

By: Danni Eickenhorst, Midland Division

“Her name was Gracie… I love that song. Amazing grace, how sweet the sound, I once was lost but now am found…”

Four years ago, Dr. James Dorman lost his wife Gracie after a prolonged battle with esophageal cancer.

A deeply devoted and adoring husband, the retired college professor nursed his wife through her 13-month battle with cancer, ultimately holding her in his arms as she passed away.

“She was literally given 3 months to live, but through the grace and power of a wonderful God, she never abandoned hope and she went from 3 months, to 4 months, to 5. We started to live our life one week at a time, one month at a time, but finally the inevitable did catch up with her.”

Following her death, Dr. Dorman says, “I was as lost as lost can be… The dear people at the Alton Salvation Army really took me in and made me one of their own, and gave me great comfort during a very dark time.”

The doctor recalled when Captain Randy Tooley and Salvation Army members invited him to The Salvation Army’s Men’s Camp at Camp Mihaska so that he might have a chance for fellowship and healing.

“We really don’t know how or when but when we’re at our darkest moment, our angel will show up,” James said, “Every man no matter what his age should spend a few days at Men’s Camp, because you don’t really realize the true spirit of The Salvation Army until you do. It was one of the most deeply spiritual experiences of my life, and I think I needed that.”

Thus began a lasting relationship with The Salvation Army, which motivated Dr. Dorman to make a planned gift with his estate that would benefit The Salvation Army’s work.

“Gracie’s spirit motivates me today, in terms of the gift I’ve given. Some people might have a hard time understanding why I would donate the equivalent of a year of my salary, which is not that much for St. Charles Community College professors – especially not retired ones, but I thought The Salvation Army was one of the groups that was so encouraging… It’s not that I’m leaving a legacy for me. It’s that I’m leaving a legacy for [Gracie’s] shining example.”

Dorman designated his gift to support The Salvation Army’s financial education programs to break the spirit of poverty, and also to scholarship funds for children and future officers of The Salvation Army.

“My wife loved sixth graders. She would have loved the idea of giving educational aid and scholarships. The Salvation Army is one of the best organizations that makes a real difference.” Of the financial education programs he says, “If you teach a person to fish, they can eat for the rest of their life. They’ll never again be living paycheck to paycheck. We all need hope.”

To learn more about how you can make a difference with your final gifts in life, visit

Plan Your Legacy with The Salvation Army

Pyramids rising in the desert… paintings on a cave wall… great works of art and literature – all reflect a common yearning in people to leave behind a legacy – to touch the lives of others, perhaps for many generations to come.

Most of us, given the opportunity, would like to feel that we have made a lasting contribution to a better world. We’d like to leave a legacy that says, “I was here. My life was important. I made a difference.”

Friends who include The Salvation Army in their estate plans enjoy the quiet satisfaction of helping continue all of our work – assisting those who are hungry or seeking shelter or fighting alcoholism or drug addictions. As you plan for both the present and the future, we would be honored if you would consider The Salvation Army as your partner. We pledge to do the most good with your generosity – for those you will help today and for the future generations you will help in years to come.

You have an opportunity to thoughtfully plan the distribution of all you have earned and accumulated from a lifetime of work. Through tax-advantaged gift planning, you can provide a more significant legacy of caring and compassion than you ever dreamed possible. This is your Legacy Gift.

A Salvation Army gift planning professional is always available to assist you, your financial adviser and legal counsel in exploring the options that best serve your family and your financial needs, while fulfilling your hopes for a better world. Your Legacy Gift may be unrestricted or designated for a particular purpose, service of program. Your gift also may be made in memory or in honor of special loved ones.

If you’re ready to begin planning your legacy, or if you have any questions at all, contact our Planned Giving Department at (314) 646-3000 today.

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