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When it’s time to ask for help…

A message from Divisional Commander Lonneal Richardson

This year, nearly every location of The Salvation Army is reporting former donors who are now coming to The Salvation Army for aid. Young professionals and those who were nearing retirement who gave faithfully for years are finding themselves without a job, or with a depleted retirement fund and are having to come back to the organization they’ve long supported, this time seeking aid.

Over and over this year, our case workers have shared with us that clients who may be seeking food pantry assistance are reluctant to accept Christmas help, because they are holding out hope that things will get better for their families prior to the holiday.

We pray for each of our clients and their families that the economy will return once again strong and that there will be jobs enough for all who want them, but we want to encourage all clients and prospective clients who are presently in a tough spot to reach out and get the aid they need for the holidays. We are offering just three more days to apply for holiday assistance – whether it be toys for your children or a holiday meal, we have programs that can help.

Please take the aid we have to offer and give back one day when you’re in a better place. It is an honor for us to give a hand up to individuals this holiday season, and to ensure that no child goes without on Christmas morning.

On November 28 to 30, we will accept our final applications for holiday aid. If you or someone you know is in need this holiday season, we ask you to come out and let us share our gifts and prayers with you this season. Call 314-646-3000 for more information, or reach out to your nearest community center to schedule your appointment.

May God bless and keep you and yours this holiday season.

Major Lonneal Richardson
Divisional Commander, Midland Division

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