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How does this make you feel?

I posed a question on our Facebook page about seeing the bell-ringers this time of year. There are several feelings that come about when you talk about Salvation Army bell-ringers–I’ve heard people say “Oh great, here they are again…” “STOP RINGING, that is so annoying” “Aww it makes me feel like Christmas is here!”… and on, and on. So I thought I would get some unedited Facebook commentary about how our dedicated volunteer army of fundraisers is being perceived. One comment summed it all up:

facebook comment


For the 350,000 people we serve each year, that bell and kettle means something special. It means a warm meal, and a safe place; it means the lights stay on, Christmas for your kids is not forgotten, and the opportunity to go to camp in the summertime. It means the chance to grow up healthy, to shed old habits, and to receive the help to build a path to a better future.

Most people don’t come to The Salvation Army when their lives are in perfect order. And just like you need to be prepared for a crisis BEFORE it happens, we prepare 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to accommodate the hundreds of thousands of people who need some extra help.

The Tree of Lights campaign is in full swing; we are raising the needed dollars it takes to keep the doors open year ’round and all of the money stays local. So whether you can ring the bell proudly, host your own (virtual) kettle, or drop some change in to support our programs, you are helping us keep the mission going.

Because we want to be there for you, too, should you ever find yourself on our doorstep. And we will welcome you–every single one of you–with open arms.

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