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9 things to look forward to before Christmas

It’s our favorite time of year! The time when we celebrate the merriest of seasons while working to ensure a safety net and a hand up for our friends and neighbors who have fallen on tough times. So in the next few weeks, here are the things we are celebrating, and we hope you will too!

[Update 12/5/13] The ending time for Cans Film Festival was misstated as 6pm when it ends at 5pm. Our apologies for the confusion!

1. Giving Tuesday – December 3

This new, annual tradition is celebrated by charities all around the globe, and we would be honored to receive your support. Without your help, children all over Missouri and southern Illinois would not have Christmas and feel the love and security that all children deserve to feel. Make a donation December 3, and feel great that you have made a difference.

2. Cans Film Festival – December 7 from 9am – 5pm

Let’s check off the movies we want to see, shall we? The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Frozen. 12 Years a Slave. Last Vegas. The Book Thief. Or, if it’s your thing, Bad Grandpa. And you can see them for the great price of 5 CANNED GOODS at all Wehrenberg Theaters. That’s right. What would normally cost you $10-15 depending on the theater, will cost you the very reasonable price of 5 cans per person at all Wehrenberg locations. The goal is to raise 500,000 cans for families in need, so bring the family and enjoy the show.

3. Rams Ring Bells with Fox 2/KPLR 11 – December 10

The St. Louis Rams and Emerson have a challenge for everyone: as the Fox 2/KPLR 11 personalities and our favorite Rams players ring the bell at the Des Peres Schnucks, the goal is to raise $25,000. That includes a dollar for dollar match up to $10,000 thanks to Emerson. Shake some hands, snap a picture, and give hope to people in our community. Win-win-win.

4. Walmart Fill the Truck – December 13 4pm – 8pm, December 14 8am – 5pm

While you’re out shopping for the loved ones in your life, drop off an unwrapped toy in marked bins at Walmarts throughout the region, and we will distribute that toy to kids in need in partnership with Toys for Tots.

5. KCS Holiday Express – December 14 1:30pm – 7:30pm

After a few years of passing by St. Louis, the Kansas City Southern Holiday Express is BACK! As KCS generously donates gift cards to us from their employees to purchase toys and coats for kids in need, Union Station and KCS will host a Winter Wonderland including photos with Santa, face painting, balloon artists, interactive sports inflatables, cookies, hot chocolate, holiday music and movies! This is entirely free for all, so come down and get the kids rallied for Christmas!

6. Cardinals ring bells – December 17

Come grab a picture and hang out with your St. Louis Cardinals and drop some money in the kettle in the process! Come out to the Richmond Heights Schnucks from 10am – 6pm to hang with our NLCS champions.

7. Win a car from Bommarito Auto Group & Fox 2/KPLR 11 – Now until December 29

Drop some virtual change in your favorite personality’s kettle, and get a chance to win a brand new Mazda 3 courtesy of Bommarito Auto Group. $10 will get you one entry, and the number of entries are unlimited. Ever gotten a new car for $10? Now’s your chance. And all money goes to support The Salvation Army’s efforts to help people all across Missouri and southern Illinois.

8. Trans Siberian Orchestra – December 23

Our favorite Christmas group is back, and they are giving us $.25 of every ticket sold! So know that when you buy your tickets, they are going to a great cause!

9. Test drive a Fiat – now until December 31

Fiats are wonderful cars, and Lou Fusz is donating $25 for every car test driven at their Fiat Illinois and Creve Coeur locations as an extra incentive to fall in love with your new wheels!

Tell us which of these you are most looking forward to–and we’re excited to see you!



We’re #1!

Thank you to the Riverfront Times for voting a Salvation Army ARC thrift store as the top in St. Louis! To read more about RFT’s Best of St. Louis or to see the recognition, visit their website.

best thrift store rft

How will you leave your mark?

How will you leave your mark?

We’re looking for the best and brightest of our city’s young professionals to join our Young Friends Board! Come out to Plush October 10th for free appetizers, networking, and to learn how you can leave your mark on this city with the world’s most trusted charity. 

Pictures of Garbage

The Garbage Bag Gala was great success, and we raised almost $13,000 for our hunger and homeless services! So may we now present to you… Pictures of Garbage (fabulously designed, of course)!


Aaron Perlut gets into character in June Grieg's design

Aaron Perlut gets into character in June Grieg’s design


Erin Willmann and Bryanna Hampton model their garbage bag designs with a new Fiat from our sponsor, Lou Fusz

Erin Willmann and Bryanna Hampton model their garbage bag designs with a new Fiat from our sponsor, Lou Fusz

This lovely model sports Project Runway Season 8 star AJ Thouvenot's Garbage creation
This lovely model sports Project Runway Season 8 star AJ Thouvenot’s Garbage creation


For all other pictures, check out our Flickr page.



“I can’t replace my kids: I can deal with damage to my house”

A home in Ferguson after Friday's tornado

A home in Ferguson after Friday’s tornado

By Dana Biermann

I was out both Saturday and Sunday working with The Salvation Army’s mobile canteens that were deployed to St. Charles County and St. Louis’ North County that were hit by tornadoes Friday night. I had the privilege to speak with  several residents who were affected by the severe weather. You would think if your roof was gone or if the back of your house had been ripped off, you would be pretty mad. But the primary sentiment I heard while touring these places was gratitude.

“I know my house looks like this, but not a single person was injured by this storm. What a blessing.”

“My roof fell in on my daughter’s room, but she was still in the basement, thank God. I can’t replace my kids, [but] I can deal with damage to my house.”

“See those people cutting apart the downed trees on my lawn? I’ve never met them before, they just showed up to help.”

“The only family that was home were my dogs, and they’re doing just fine.”

An EDS volunteer serves water to residents in St. Charles County

An EDS volunteer serves water to residents in St. Charles County

Even when there’s a tree laying on their roof, the citizens of St. Louis and St. Charles have been nothing but grateful for the droves of neighbors, friends, and organizations who have donated their time to help. So it’s up to us to make sure that they can recover from the damage that Mother Nature has given them.

If you are an EDS trained volunteer, we are still working in the neighborhoods affected, so please contact gary_busiek@usc.salvationarmy.org to sign up to volunteer in our canteens. If you have not been through our EDS training, we ask that you refrain from contacting to volunteer at this time, unless it is to sign up for a future training. If you are interested in receiving training, please call 314-646-3000 and ask for our EDS department.

If you are looking for ways to help, the best thing you can do is donate money. As more specific needs arise, we want to ensure that the families affected do not need to go through red tape to get what they need, and your dollars give us the flexibility to support these residents immediately. Please give now to be a part of the recovery.

To keep up to date with our efforts, follow us on Twitter or Facebook or sign up to be on our email list.

To view photographs from our canteen tours, visit our Flickr Page.

You Tweeted WHAT?!

#tweetthemostgoodIf you’re going to spend your free time on social media anyway, why not tweet for good? Come out to the Rooftop Terrace Bar at the Moonrise Hotel on May 21, from 6:00 – 9:00 p.m., #TweetTheMostGood alongside Social Media Club St. Louis, and hear Don Hutcheson from Panera Bread talk about the Meal of Shared Responsibility. Learn how St. Louis-area bakery-cafes are helping to fight local food insecurity one Turkey Chili Sourdough Bread Bowl at a time! Tickets are only $5.00, fully donated to Salvation Army of St. Louis, and free appetizers will be served until 7:00 p.m.

For tickets and more information, visit http://tweetthemostgood2013.eventbrite.com/#

Can’t make it but would still like to help? Visit our page to make a donation but we’d love to see you there!

An Earth Day view

This post is written by Dana Biermann, Digital Marketing and Communication Manager at the Divisional Headquarters for the Midland Division. She likes social media, and giving people huge hugs. Also, SPRINGTIME!

We have so much to be thankful for when it comes to our world.

We have been given a GORGEOUS earth filled with fantastic things for our amusement and appreciation. Just here in St. Louis we have some of the most wonderful green spaces and sites filled with beauty for our enjoyment. I remember driving through St. Louis as a young adult from Ohio and crossing over the mighty Mississippi in awe of the most massive river I have ever seen in person. I’d keep my face pressed to the window just looking at how huge that thing is. And when I moved here, I wanted to high-five the city of St. Louis for making a space such as Forest Park a priority and ensuring free activities within it, and the county for protecting parks for our quality of life.

Then again, I come from a place of privilege. I can leave the comfort of my home and break out of there to tap into these options. No, I’m not wealthy… I’m barely middle class. I live in an apartment with my new husband and have student loan debts and car payments, but we get by. And we can utilize these spaces when we know we can’t spend much for the rest of the week. And that’s just fine by us.

But enjoying the outdoors comes quickly into perspective when you work with people who call the outdoors the place where they sleep. It no longer is a place of retreat, it’s a place of survival; finding food out of the garbage from festivals, or trying to find an overpass under which you can sleep.

The Salvation Army wants everyone to get to a place where we can enjoy the good stuff, including faith. I’m paraphrasing, but our founder William Booth said that no one ever found God when they had a toothache–and the same goes for a roof over our heads, food in our bellies, feeling loved in our whole being and knowing that we are valued.

But we cannot get everyone to this place without you. More needs to be done to get the outdoors to be a place of refuge instead of a place of last resort.


It’s Official: Our Veterans Residence is a Reality

Today was an incredible day for veterans in St. Louis.

The Salvation Army opened our Veterans Residence in Midtown with some valued company. Mayor Francis Slay, St. Louis County Executive Charlie Dooley, Major General Greg Couch US TRANSCOM Chief of Staff, Alderwoman Marlene Davis of the 19th Ward in St. Louis, John Wuest of St. Louis Equity Fund, and aides from the Governor’s office and other government offices were there to show their support of this great undertaking. From The Salvation Army we were so pleased to have our National Commander William Roberts present, as well as Commissioner Nancy Roberts, Colonel Merle Heatwole, and Colonel Dawn Heatwole.

The Veterans Residence has 48 apartments adorned with marble counter tops, green amenities and even flat screen TVs. Half of the building is permanent housing, and other other 24 apartments are 2 year transitional housing to make sure that basic needs are met while they work on the other areas of their lives that need support. Some might have substance abuse issues or other concerns, so case management works directly with all the men and women who enter the facility. The goal when these men and women leave the 2 year program will be to have employment, another place to live and money in the bank.

Today also kicked off our Tree of Lights campaign, so it is officially kettle season for St. Louis.

We’re so grateful to everyone that could attend. Today was a great day.

Divisional Commander Major Lonneal Richardson holding the ribbon high.

‘Tis (almost) the Season

'Tis (almost) the Season

It’s that time of year where in a few weeks, volunteers just like you will be out in full swing at grocery stores, department stores and other hot spots ringing that bell and helping raise money for our community. But we want to know what you think of when you see our bell ringers. Christmas dinner shopping? Wrapping presents? Poverty? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

And if you want to be a bell ringer that makes our work possible, sign up here.

Help us and Patch find who is Doing the Most Good

Attention volunteers and the people who love them! Nominate the person that is Doing the Most Good in STL and they get our thanks, recognition, and a night off–all on us. Nominations due Oct 15: http://bit.ly/Sy9WQ1

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